Marin CPR &

Lifeguard Academy
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How far in advance do I need to schedule a custom class?
A:  We try our best to accommodate your scheduling needs, but we prefer 10 - 14 days notice.  We often set up classes with fewer days notice, but we cannot guarantee anything.

Q:  Do I receive my certification card on the same day I take the class?
A:  No, except in rare circumstances, you can expect to receive your certification card(s) 4 - 10 days after the class.  We can, however, issue you a letter or email verifying your successful completion of the class within a day or two, if you request one. 

Q:  How often are CPR and other classes offered at your headquarters?
A:  We offer CPR & First Aid classes twice monthly throughout the year, and lifeguard classes twice monthly between the months of March and June and monthly between July and October.  Babysitter classes are generally offered monthly.  

Q:  Can you teach a class for just one person?
A:   Yes.  We price our classes based on how many people will be participating.  If you want to take a one-on-one class the price will be higher than if you took the class with a group.  Contact us here if you would like specific pricing info.  (Prices are determined  by several factors including number of participants, the type of class, how soon you need the class, the distance our instructors would be traveling (if the class is not held at our headquarters), etc.) 

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